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Whats Up Wednesday 21st October

What's Up? - Wednesday 21st October


Well we've almost made it to half term!

The last few weeks have thrown a whole new level of challenge at schools and I thought this article might provide a useful reflection on just how much has been achieved during this time.

Take a look below to see the rest of this week's resources.


Celebrate the inspirational contributions of black role models to the field of mathematics through this virtual conference, hosted by the Institute of Mathematics, in partnership with The British Society for the History of MathematicsThe International Centre for Mathematical Sciences, the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications and the London Mathematical Society. There will be a balance of technical talks by internationally renowned black speakers that include some detail of career paths and experience to provide a testimonial dimension. The conference will run next Monday and Tuesday. Click here for further details and to access a registration form.


NCETM #mathscpdchat

What aspects of maths are hard to teach remotely? What can be done about that?

Check out a summary of last week's discussion on the NCETM's website.


Microsoft Education Channel

If you are using Microsoft Teams for remote or blended learning and are keen to develop your use of it, there are lots of helpful tutorials on the 'Microsoft Education Channel' on YouTube.








Virtual Calculator Licence

To support development of calculator skills either remotely or from the front of a classroom, you can register for a free 'emulator' licence.

NCETM Podcasts

The NCETM are releasing a series of 'short and sweet' (10-15 minute) podcasts covering aspects of Maths teaching in current times. The most recent of these discusses possible strategies for formative and summative assessment.

Mock exams: 5 ways to prepare

As we head (hurtle?) towards the season of mock exams, with all the additional concerns and issues this year, a few thoughts about handling the process.

Knowledge Organizers

A new set of Knowledge Organizers aligned to the GCSE Number units are available. If you like the look of these, you'll be pleased to hear that work is now underway on the algebra units too.

Ritangle Competition

Are your A level students taking part in MEI’s Ritangle competition? Teams start with weekly warm-up questions, the first two of which have already been released. The competition develops into one question a day. You can still register a team on the brief form!

NRICH Webinars

For students in Years 7 and 8, NRICH are offering a problem solving webinar on 10th November to coincide with Maths Week England. Check out the details and the sign up form. If you can't make it on the day, there is an option to receive the recording to use at a time that works for you.

I wish you, your teams and your families a restful break and a very happy half term.


With best regards,