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What' Up? - Wednesday 7th October

What' Up? - Wednesday 7th October

A weekly treasure trove of resources from the atlas maths consultant 

The Complete Mathematics Conference 'Virtual MathsConf 24' ran last Saturday. Craig Barton and Jo Morgan reviewed and discussed key points from the sessions they attended on the latest 'Mr Barton Maths podcast'. I particularly enjoyed Dan Pearcy's session on pedagogical prompts, the examples from which he has since added to his blog and Jo Morgan's focus on KS3.

As ever, the conference sessions were filled with recommendations for new and improved resources, and reminders of older ones, including:

  • 'teachit maths' - visual interactives (angles, transformations, fraction walls and much more)
  • 'transum' - mixed question starters to project on the board for which you can select the topics and then save the URL to send to any students who are absent from school
  • 'makeemthinkmaths' - application of ratio tables, proportion tables and lots more
  • 'mathspad' - more interactive tools, the latest additions to which relate to circles
  • 'emaths' which still makes available the substantial bank of reasoning and problem solving questions included in the old Year 9 SATs papers


Here are some further links and resources which may be of interest:

  • Last week's NCETM maths chat asked 'What will you do differently with post-16 students this year? Why?' See a summary of the discussion.
  1. An article on 'The Black Heroes of Mathematics' which also references further reading.
  2. Over 50 ideas for STEM activities, grouped by age groups for which they are appropriate.
  3. If you haven't yet signed up students for the Simon Singh masterclasses, you can still do so this week.
  4. The deadline is also approaching for the 'Count on Us' London-wide challenge. See the registration details.
  5. Also a reminder that Robert has arranged for Mark Howlett, Head of Maths for Edexcel, to run a session for the Maths Hub to which we are invited on Thursday 15th October 14:00-16:00. In the meantime, he also shared a link to a 'one stop  shop' of exam board support.


Finally, this week, I liked this simple idea for 'voting cards' which was circulated on Twitter recently:


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