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Our English team, led by outstanding subject experts, is proud to offer challenging, inclusive, evidence-based courses and blogs to all teachers.

These CPD opportunities are designed to empower pupils to be highly literate, critical thinkers and promote above all a love of literature.

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CPD Courses

Atlas English CPD Offer - Spring 2021

Take a look at Atlas English's newly released calendar of professional development sessions! Sessions are open to both staff and students and will be delivered remotely via Teams throughout the Spring term. While direct participation is encouraged, all sessions will be recorded so that staff and students can catch up at their leisure. Please note that these are aimed at internal staff with the exception of Teaching Reading.


Teaching Reading

We all know that reading is essential for learning in the classroom... but how do we actually teach it? Join our new Teaching Reading course to find out.

The course is designed to give secondary teachers, from any subject, the confidence to identify struggling readers and confidently employ a range of strategies to support students to read challenging texts independently. 

This course is open to teachers of all subjects -- not just English teachers!

Session 1


Developing Class Reading: Strategies for Improving Fluency 

Wednesday18th November | 3.30pm – 5pm

Session 2


Developing Comprehension: Paraphrasing and Building Knowledge

Wednesday 2nd December | 3.30pm – 5pm 

Session 3


Developing Strategic Readers

Wednesday 13th January | 3.30pm – 5pm 

Session 4


Developing Word Consciousness

Wednesday 27th January | 3.30pm – 5pm 


Cloud 9 and Super Stretch Sessions for KS4 Learners

Tuesday 1st December 

Targeted intervention for Grade 9 learners across the borough developing the key skills and knowledge needed to gain a place in the top 3% of the country. A chance for your pupils to build networks with, and be challenged by, other gifted pupils while developing skills and passion for the subject.

Each session focuses in depth on an area of the GCSE specification key for success at the highest grades. Content is revised and then exam questions are tackled. Teacher modelling is followed by supported student practice. This is also a CPD opportunity for the teachers accompanying their students, as they get to observe and participate in best practice teaching of exam techniques.

Who is it for?

  • Cloud 9, for students targeted grade 8 or 9 who enter Year 11 working at grade 7

  • Super7, for students targeted grade 7 who entre Year 11 working at grade 5

Contact Hannah Obertelli (h.obertelli@haaf.org.uk) to arrange a convenient time for your students.


Subject Network Leader Meetings

Join our English Consultant for a chance to share good practice across the borough with other Heads of English.

Meetings all take place from 3.30-5pm.

Areas of focus for this academic year: 

Thurs 17 Sep

Closing the gap – our priorities post lockdown: CPD on blended learning; Sharing of priority plans and identification of school to school support opportunities

Thurs 19 Nov

Teaching Reading: Developing Fluency

Thurs 14 Jan 

Revision strategies/mock moderation

Thurs 04 Mar

Teaching Reading: Developing word-rich classrooms

Thurs 29 Apr

Teaching Reading: Building a reading culture

Thurs 17 Jun 

Decolonising the Curriculum



Blending keynote speeches and workshops from national experts with a buzzy Teachmeet showcasing practical strategies from schools all over the borough and beyond, these are a great opportunity for whole departments or individual teachers to engage with a range of professional development opportunities.


School Visits

The best CPD I’ve ever had – it has reignited my passion for subject development and given me clear and tangible ideas for improving English at my school.

Richard Lamb

Following a visit to see direct instruction in action at Trinity CofE School, Lewisham.

Take your teachers out of the bubble of their own experience and open their eyes to some best practice in action with an immersive CPD experience. Visits arranged to leading departments include observations, peer-to-peer conversations and a chance to review and share the resources and planning that made it happen.

Speak to Hannah Obertelli (h.obertelli@haaf.org.uk) for more details or to suggest a visit.

Please note that, due to current circumstances, all upcoming visits have been postponed.


Resources & Services


For those looking to develop subject knowledge, www.massolit.io have given all schools a free 30 day trial of their online resources which are great for teachers and students alike.

 Topics for 2020-2021

  • Developing detailed and conceptualised reading responses in the Language paper.
  • Gender in Macbeth: Where men are men but women rule
  • Creating conceptualised responses to poetry responses
  • How to create a cogent and original piece of writing
  • Homosexuality and the Blackmailer’s Charter in Jekyll and Hyde
  • Overly sentimental or supreme satire? A critique of Dickens’ style
  • The importance of time in An Inspector Calls


Working From Home: Support during COVID

Below are some of the best that have curated been from Twitter/Lit drive for KS3 and a select few for Year 11 – a special shout out for Stuart Pryke on Twitter for some excellent Year 11 booklets!

Specimen Papers

KS3 Work from home

Literature Work from home

Year 9 Work from home


KS4 Mock Marking Service

We employ exam board certified examiners to mark your KS4 assessments providing AO annotated and graded scripts plus an overall question level analysis and teaching and learning report for £5.50 per script. Consultant days can also be traded for payment – 1 consultant day = 60 scripts.

The schools will post scripts recorded delivery to the marker who will return via recorded delivery. The minimum marking turnaround would be 2 weeks.

In addition, we can also offer a moderation service by the same certified examiners for the same price and process. They will moderate a selection of scripts and provide a report on the accuracy of marking and trends across the sample.

As a follow up service we offer:

  • Bespoke training for your department on the areas for development which will have the most pupil impact.
  • Bespoke intervention sessions for your pupils including walk through feedback sessions on the mock using responses from your pupils.
  • Walk through mocks: Examiner led walk through mocks convey a clear message to an entire cohort on how to approach each question using replicable structures and model answers to build confidence. This is an invaluable experience for your pupils and staff to see how to tackle the Language and Literature papers successfully.

Follow up resources available – please contact enquiries@atlaspartnership.com to book for your school.


Past Courses

Macbeth Study Sessions

Enhance your subject knowledge of this GCSE text with our weekly webinars. Revitalise your passion for the subject and learning in general by engaging with academic readings, expert analysis and different interpretations. Suitable for trainee to expert teachers and supported by a fully resourced scheme of work available to all who sign up for the course.


Oxford University Press: Closing the Word Gap

Started: Wednesday 22nd April 2020

Session 1

Energising Eloquence

Session 2

Building Vocabulary, Building a Voice

Session 3

Oral Rehearsal: Moving Speech to Writing

Session 4

Planning for a Vocab-Rich Curriculum

Session 5

Collaborative approaches to vocab-rich school


Primary English Courses 

Many practitioners are spending time on curriculum development and have been concerned with bridging the transition gap, so some useful CPD are these Primary English courses, which address teaching of reading and writing in KS1&2. 

Started: Tuesday 21st April

Session 1

Teaching Reading- decoding, comprehension and fluency

Session 2

Teaching Reading- Becoming a reader and building a reading culture

Session 3

Developing Oracy, Spoken Language and Vocabulary

Session 4

Teaching Writing- finding a voice

Session 5

Supporting Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling


Easter Revision Sessions 

Take your teachers out of the bubble of their own experience and open their eyes to some best practice in action with an immersive CPD experience.

Visits arranged to leading departments to include observations, peer-to-peer conversations and a chance to review and share the resources and planning that made it happen.

Upcoming visits planned to see outstanding primary teaching of extended writing & department systems for ensuring success at KS4 – speak to enquiries@atlaspartnership.com for more details or to suggest a visit.