Senior Leadership Development

Executive Talent Acceleration Programme

This programme is designed to provide two years of senior leadership experience along with a professional senior leadership-training package that will draw upon the breadth of experience we can offer as a Federation of all-through academies. The expectation is that on completion of the programme participants will be ready to make the transition into a deputy headship or a vice-principal position and rapidly thereafter to headship.

The programme is structured around a core offer of learning opportunities including formal input through a timetabled series of CPD sessions, running a whole school project, coaching, opportunities to work together and reflect on practice through the ETA forum and cross-Federation learning opportunities. These structured opportunities form a framework around which participants can cover the senior leaders’ curriculum and then build an assessment portfolio using the range of approaches that are part of the programme.

Learning Opportunities

The core offer of learning opportunities includes:

  • Induction
  • Whole school improvement project
  • Professional seminars for year 1
  • The Executive Talent Acceleration (ETA) Programme Forum
  • Leadership Coaching
  • The Hay Leadership Styles and Climate Survey
  • Work at Federation level on our cross-federation strategic groups
  • Placements at other schools within the Federation
  • Training as a reviewer to take part in Challenge Partners Quality Assurance reviews
  • Extended study

Key Concepts

At its core the curriculum focuses upon three key concepts:

  • Everything we do, every decision we take is centred upon providing the best education for children and young people as set out in our vision statement.
  • Throughout their careers, senior leaders should strive to improve their performance to ensure their progression from competent, through proficient to expert, with the aspiration always to provide the best possible education for children and young people.
  • To successfully achieve this progression, senior leaders need to fully understand the implications of our vision statement and be able to reflect effectively on their own experiences and learning opportunities.

The curriculum is organised under a set of learning domains for senior leaders, which are then sub-divided into a set of outcomes. The achievement of which these should be demonstrated from the participant’s work. The delegates’ personal portfolio will evidence experiences, outcomes and feedback and should also include reflection on these assessments and the feedback received.


The domains are as follows:

Section 1 The senior leader as professional
Section 2 The senior leader as an effective leader and manager

Over the course of the two year programme, the ETA assessment committee (comprising the Principals of our all-through schools, the CEO and participants’ line managers) will carry out assessment of the participant’s portfolio.

To join the next ETA cohort please contact:

ATLAS Teaching School Alliance,
Jerningham Road, London, SE14 5NY

T: 0207 652 9510
F: 0207 652 9520

National Professional Qualification for Senior Leadership (NPQSL)

ATLAS runs regular cohorts of the NPQSL, a nationally recognised qualification that helps you to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence you need to be a highly effective senior leader.

You can read more about the qualification by following this link

Please speak to your line manager and email if you would like to register on a course run in Lewisham.

Primary Science Leaders Network

This active network of inspiring leaders welcomes colleagues to join them at the next Leadership for Science (Primary) event. These termly meetings provide you with a chance to network with other leaders who are working to improve Science learning in Lewisham’s Primary Schools. In addition, you will receive free CPD and timely updates on how to apply for funding to support your work in the classroom.  Please email if you would like to join this network of Primary Leaders.

Update April 2017:

Last month John Ball Primary School hosted this active network of inspiring leaders who are all working to improve Primary Science learning in Lewisham’s.  After some CPD from two fellows of the Primary Science Teacher College, the leaders worked together to problem solve in a solutions-focused surgery lead by a Primary Science Teacher of the Year Winner. Attendees also found out how to access Enthuse funding to improve STEM learning in their own settings.

The Big Six

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