Leathersellers’ Federation of Schools

The Leathersellers’ Federation of Schools includes Prendergast School, Prendergast Ladywell School, Prendergast Vale School, Prendergast Sixth Form College and Prendergast Primary School.

The aim of the Federation is to provide an excellent education for children from the local community in a safe, inclusive, supportive learning environment. In our schools people are valued, make positive contributions to each school and pupils are taught to develop as responsible, independent members of society. We make sure that pupils leave with the best possible qualifications to enable them to make the choices they want to make about their future.

All schools share a common goal which is to provide excellent academic education and inclusive, personal support to all pupils. We are determined to develop and sustain an outstanding educational service for our community. Each school has its own identity and ethos, but all share common values and purpose.

Our immediate aim is to raise attainment as rapidly as possible for all students. We do this through high quality teaching. We recognise too that all aspects of our provision contribute to pupils’ development. The music service, the sports teams, the enrichment clubs, the trips and journeys, our wellbeing programme, our provision in arts and drama, our school councils, all help develop the whole child. We know that happy confident students, who like and are engaged in all aspects of school life, are successful.

Our Federation has the advantage of sharing a single strategic governing board. This secures and strengthens our partnership to the benefit of every member of our community. The Governors have developed and secured the traditions and individuality of each school and will continue to uphold the highest standards of inclusion and attainment as the Federation develops.

for more information visit www.leathersellers-federation.com

The Big Six

We aim to support all those schools and individuals who wish to share.